10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand

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10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (photo: Zimbio)



  1. Mylo Xyloto
  2. Hurts Like Heaven
  3. In My Place
  4. Major Minus
  5. Lovers In Japan
  6. The Scientist
  7. Yellow
  8. Violet Hill
  9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  10. Princess Of China
  11. Up In Flames
  12. Warning Sign
  13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  14. Viva La Vida
  15. Charlie Brown
  16. Paradise
  17. Us Against The World
  18. Speed Of Sound
  19. Clocks
  20. Fix You
  21. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


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Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[1], unless stated otherwise.

10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (photo: Zimbio)

My personal review: I haven't been on this forum for a little while although did join back in 2005. Anyway, I made the trip up to Auckland from Wellington with my partner on Thursday night and we stayed with her parents. I went to the last Coldplay concert here in 2009 (unfortunately they didn't make it to NZ on the X&Y tour before that for some reason) and for my partner it was her first Coldplay concert.

Saturday was a glorious day. Absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor concert. Unfortunately Mt Smart Stadium is in a very inconvenient part of Auckland. You cannot really park anywhere near the area but luckily there were free event trains and buses so we borrowed a car from her parents and drove into town, parked and then head down to the free train. Arrived at the stadium about 6.40ish. I bought a programme and then we were handed our wristbands - I got a yellow one which I felt was quite appropriate while she got blue. The Pierces began at 6.45 while we were checking out merchandise (resulting in me forking ou a ridiculous sum for t-shirt each) and then purchasing something for dinner as we figured this was the best time rather than joing the mad rush between Temper Trap and Coldplay.

Made it to our seats (Lower East stand) just after 7. The Pierces were ok but the sound was awful. They seemed to have the instruments turned up much too loud so you couldn't hear the voices at all. They finished about 7.25 and the Temper Trap came on 10 minutes later. They had the sound much better although I still felt the instruments were a bit loud. I hadn't heard of them before and they were pretty good although I found the singer's voice a bit weird. About 8.25 we decided to nip out for a last toilet visit and 1 more drink just before what we guessed would be the last song. Turned out to be a good decision as they finished while we were heading back to our seats and queues were already massive.

Onto the main event. About 9 Jay-Z's 99 Problems burst out of the speakers and we wondered whether we had turned up on the wrong night! Then the Back to the Future theme and then as Coldplay emerged onto the stage our wristbands suddenly began flashing. There was a quite audbile gasp around the stadium and a chorus of whoas. It was an incredible effect and Hurts Like Heaven was a great way to start. In My Place was next and this was a real highlight for me with Chris running down to the end of the catwalk in front of the stage and throwing himself up in the air during the chorus while confetti rained down around him. The sound was absolutely perfect with every instrument and word being heard clearly. Chris knew how to get the audience on side thanking us for "getting through the traffic and ticket prices and coming from other cities and the South Island" and then promising to "play the best fucking concert of our lives."

The Scientist soon followed and this was probably my number 1 highlight of the night. My favourite song and with the whole audience singing along to the chorus it was incredible. Then came Yellow with Chris signgin the first verse in a slow piano version then getting up and dedicating it to 2 recent NZ disasters - "This is for Pike River and Christchurch. This is Yellow," and began from the start with the usual version. For those who don't know, Pike River being a mine disaster a couple of years ago killing 29 men and I assume the Christchurch earthquake which killed 185 made the news in most places. It was a nice moment.

God Put a Smile Upon Your face was a great addition which they didn't play last time. They messed up the hardout guitar bit near the end which I don't think anyone notice but they stopped, Chris apologised for "fucking it up" and they started again. Princess of China has not been one of my favourites but was very well down with Rihanna on the big screen. The real highlight for everyone was of course Viva La Vida which brought everyone in the stands to their feet and noone sat down again for the rest of the night. At the end of the song Chris collapsed exhausted at the end of the catwalk while the crowd continued on with "oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" for a good couple more minutes.

They finished off with Paradise which was another I was really looking forward to and it didn't disappoint with the wristbands giving great effect. And off they went for a few minutes before returning, this time on a platform in the middle of the general admission audience to which Chris said "we can't come all the way to New Zealand without going to the back of the crowd can we?" They played a nice acoustic version of Speed of Sound followed by the beautiful Us Against the World before running back through the crowd to the stage. My partner asked if I thought they were finished but I said "they haven't done Clocks yet so can't be" and sure enough that came next, followed by an incredible version of Fix You which everyone sung every word too. Finally they finished off with Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall which made for a great rocking finale. Chris thanked the audience for "giving us the best job in the world" and the 4 of them really did look the best of mates. And with that they were gone and we could catch our breath back.

It was absolutelt incredible. No words can possible do it justice. The 2009 show was amazing but there's just something about being in an outdoor stadium that makes it extra special. It was without a doubt the best concert I've been too, even ahead of Oasis at Wembley Stadium in 2009 which was a lifelon dream of mine to attend and I described it as the best night of my life at the time. Truly unbelieveable. I feel sorry for every future concert I attend because now everything has to be compared to this. Only downside of the night was exiting the stadium as stadium management had decided to close all but one gate and force all 40,000+ people through the one exit. Was a little bit scary at times and it could easily have been a Hillsborough type situation. Once through the gate it was fine though. [thanks invisibleman18]

10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (photo: Zimbio)

greatfun4kidsblog.com: Coldplay is probably my favourite band in the world. I think I love them even more than U2. They played this Saturday in Auckland. I went. And loved it. If you know me at all you know that noise and crowds are really not my favourite thing; I tend to panic, freak out, even at times in church (which is often like a rock concert). Ear plugs and a quick exit are usually how I handle crowds and noise. You'd think a concert ticket would be wasted on me. In fact the first time U2 came, hubby didn't even get me a ticket, much to my chagrin. When I said, Why just the one ticket? he replied, well can you imagine it? There we'll be at this rockin concert and you'll be calling out "Bono! Bono! can you keep the noise down?? Edge... Edge! Turn down your amp!"

He went alone. But when U2 came back I was feeling braver. So we got some tickets for seats waaaaay at the back. It was great. I loved it and decided I could be a concert-goer after all. Then hubby stumbled upon the Coldplay concert and scooped up a pair of tickets for me and him to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. General Admission. Down on the field with the sweaty heaving rockin' crowd.

Saturday morning I was getting nervous. My back was aching after my latest run-in with Gravity and I didn't know how it would hold up with all that standing. Then my friend Justine came to the rescue and loaned me her vintage fold-up camping stool which had gotten her through many concerts while preggers. So with a couple of Voltarin on board and the camping stool tucked under my arm, off we went to see my favourite band in the world.... This is where we found our cosy spot. Sweet. Down on the field, halfway back, out on the edge we had the best of both worlds. Space and a decent view.

If it were possible I think I love Coldplay even more now than before. If I loved the U2 concert I was in love with the Coldplay one. Probably because we were right down in amongst it. The glowy wristbands they gave us all as we went in were awesome, as were the confetti cannons that spewed out millions of "X"s which fluttered down like butterflies. But the coolest part for us was near the end. Coldplay had left the stage and everyone was doing the inevitable slow clap, calling for an encore. My hubby has a thing about "beating the traffic" so he suggested we head to the back, ready for a quick exit. Reluctantly I started to follow, not wanting to give up our cool pozzy, when all of a sudden right out the corner of our eye there was Chris Martin walking along the barrier fence right by us! Surprise! They had set up a stage near the back for an unplugged encore.. When they climbed up so unexpectedly onto the mini stage, we found ourselves just a couple of metres away... Flippin awesome.

Chris Martin said, "Well we couldn't come all the way to New Zealand and not say hello to the back of the room, could we?" So totally cool. They finished back on the big stage with my favourite two songs (Fix You and Every Teardrop a Waterfall) and a massive fireworks display... me and hubby had spotted the barriers down, so we ambled up the walkway to near the front of the crowd for a great view and a quick getaway. The back gates were open, so we headed up the stars...

...and then out we walked ahead of the rush. No pushing or shoving or queuing or bottlenecks. (Apparently for some reason these gates were shut soon after and there was only one way out for the whole 50,000-strong crowd which took forever and was a nightmare. I think Someone was looking after me, knowing how that would have totally freaked me out, don't you?) Fab. A totally fab night. Coldplay ROCKS. [2]

Absolutely fantastic concert! Everything we hoped for and more. The playlist was superb (obviously : ) and performed to perfection. Great feast for all the senses. Loved being told we were the best audience in the whole wide world (grain of salt notwithstanding). We loved the Vector Arena concert back in March 09 yet there is something truly special about an outdoor concert so I must rate this one better. Please return again soon!! (Oh and Mount Smart, next time make sure you open all the gates to let the fans out without the scary (potentially fatal) crush as a complete stand empties through an outside corridor barely wide enough for 10 people. Very scary.) [thanks Bewildered] [3]

Ahhhhhmazing concert! Whether you love them or hate them they sure know how to put on a show. Being outdoors with the show they put on was mindblowing. Chris and the boys really put everything into that concert and genuinely had fun. Have a newfound love and respect for this band..... Cant wait for them to come back! They had as much fun as we all did... have never seen so many happy chilled out people in one place.... The only downside was Mt Smart Staduim... the place is falling down and cant cater (exiting, ammenities etc) for crowds like this - makes you really wish we had have built the Waterfront staduim!!! Now that seriously would have rocked. [thanks emma] [4]

Coldplay was stunning, fabulous and the best concert i have seen for years.... and I love Mt Smart but I would like to know why the queue for the beer tent was the length of two football pitches and all those people ( who were not alcoholic degenerates, just people wanting a beer with the concert) missed the support bands and had to rush to see Coldplay. Why oh why oh why can't they have several outlets, if they are worried about consumption, stamp people's hands when they get their drinks. This is a medieval way of treating ordinary people at a rock concert and would not be tolerated anywhere else in the world. Come on Mt Smart, get smart and stop treating us like children. [thanks Julie Dann] [5]

It's been a whirlwind weekend as Mrs. Roddus and myself got flown up to Auckland to attend Coldplay's only New Zealand concert on their "MYLO XYLOTO" world tour. Mrs. Roddus was dead keen to go see them play when she found about this concert several months ago, and although I have enjoyed Coldplay over they years and have their first three albums on CD, I had lost interest in them and wouldn't have bothered if Mrs. Roddus wasn't so excited about seeing them live.

This was my first trip to Auckland itself, except several times through the airport onto more far flung destinations, and fortunately this whole expedition, concert included, was organised by my Electrical wholesalers, which meant accommodation and transportation was all arranged as well as corporate VIP passes to the concert itself. This meant that we had about 5 hours after arriving at our hotel to see a bit of Auckland before we were whisked off to Mt Smart Stadium for the gig. Our short time was spent on a short stroll up Queen St for Mrs. Roddus to check out some shops and where I could pop into JB HIFI, as we had been told it was the biggest CD shop and Auckland and I was hoping to find some John Zorn CDs there(No chance, but did get some Sun Ra though). We jumped on the ferry and shot over to Devonport for lunch and a short ride on a horse drawn buggy before coming back across to prepare for the concert.

We were picked up from our hotel by bus about 5:30PM and whizzed along the motorways to Mt Smart Stadium, getting to our box about 6:30 where we were presented with out VIP concert package of a tour book of art work and song lyrics in a cool bag and both a vinyl and CD copy of the New Coldplay Album "Mylo Xyloto" packaged in the book, very cool.We settled in with drinks and watched the crowd pour in while the first support band started their set very soon after.The stage set up and speaker systems were very impressive and no doubt state of the art for a stadium band of this calibre but as is usual for rock concerts the sound was very very loud. I don't mind loud but at this volume it makes it difficult to separate out the sounds of individual instruments and hear clearly what the singers are singing or saying, and for groups like both support groups, The female fronted The Pierces, from the USA and The Temper Trap from Australia, it makes it a bit more difficult to apprise their music when you are unfamiliar with it as I am. Neither group impressed me enough to want to explore their music any further but did give me time to acclimatise my ears ready for Coldplay.

Coldplay came on at 9PM and instantly dazzled the 47000 strong crowd with one of the best light shows I have seen, especially with the LED light arm bands that we all wore lighting up an impressive site. With fire works and balloons and confetti snow storms and inflatable blobs rounding out the gimmicks they certainly impressed and entertained me from that angle. The music, although almost overpoweringly loud was still mostly recognisable and the band played their hearts out and put on a magnificent show and had the crowd all worked up like the professionals they are. One part of the show, near the end, the group relocated to a small stage towards the back of the stadium quite near us and played a number from there. A good idea.

After playing most of our favourite songs and some good stuff from the latest album, which I am quite impressed with, they finished the show the same way they started with a nice set of fireworks from behind the stage. It all went off very well with the crowd responding the weather holding and the music booming. Overall a worthwhile experience and Mrs. Roddus loved it, and that's the main thing. [thanks BlogRoddus] [6]

Not long after we arrived in Auckland, my boss mentioned Coldplay were playing in one of the arenas in Auckland and tickets were going to be for sale. In the UK, I would have passed the opportunity by, partly because I’m not Coldplay’s biggest fan (I last bought one of their albums in 2008) and also because one would have to travel a fair distance to see them. However not so in Auckland, they were playing just down the road (kind of), so we grabbed the bull by its horns and bought our tickets. I didn’t know what to expect, the last big rock gig I went to in a stadium, was London in the year… [yikes, a while ago...]. Coldplay were awesome, your whole body rocked as the guitar and drums rattled through your body. Everyone was given a bracelet which became part of the show and glowed different colours for some of the songs, which looked like ickle lickle glow worms. Chris Martyn(?) seemed delighted to be in Auckland and really played the crowd well. Seemed like a nice bloke. I had a brilliant boogie, and loved the fact I could sing along VERY LOUDLY and VERY UNTUNEFULLY to my heart’s content. When I noticed myself doing star jumps (with different poses mid flight) when the bright white lights came on to the beat in one of the rockier numbers, I knew I was having a jolly good time. I was 18 all over again. Mrs. E and I well and truly ROCKED IT with those Coldplay chaps… Auckland, yup, again, you surpassed yourself. [thanks] [7]

Media Reviews

10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (photo: Michael Flynn photography)

13th Floor: It’s been quite a week and a half for live music here in Auckland…Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys, Ben Harper and Radiohead…and now the biggest show of the bunch, Coldplay at Mt Smart Stadium. With the technological showcase that Radiohead displayed at The Vector this past Tuesday, I was interested to see how Coldplay’s arena show stacked up against Radiohead’s. Well, for one thing, they started with a bang.

Usually the fireworks are saved for the encore, but Chris Martin and company had them shooting skyward right from the start. And that wasn’t all, there were lasers, there was confetti, there were balloons and there were wristbands that flashed in the dark. Every member of the audience was given a wristband as the entered the stadium and encouraged to wear it as it was “part of the show”. Sure enough after a few minutes of hearing Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, the lights abruptly went out and the wrist bands all began flashing with the band’s very first notes. It looked incredible.

During In My Places cannons were firing off confetti throughout the venue. During Lovers In Japan the balloons came out. There was certainly plenty to see, even if the band itself looked tiny at the far end of the stadium. Sound-wise, things weren’t so impressive. Where I was sitting, about halfway back along the side, the vocals were mostly unintelligible and the music was muddy. It’s a shame as much care and effort wasn’t put into the music as the special effects. I must say, no one seemed to mind. There was plenty of singing along and clapping and cheering. The songs from Coldplay’s latest, Mylo Xyloto, sound like they were written for stadiums with loads of “whoas” and “Ooooos” throughout the songs. And they performed just about the entire album.

Of course there were the old favourites as well…Yellow got an early airing as did The Scientist and Vive La Vida had everyone up and singing. Chris Martin seemed determined to be everywhere at once, running cheerily from one end of the stage to the other, up the middle ramp and eventually to the rear of the stadium. In addition to the main stage, the band set up on a smaller stage further into the crowd for several songs beginning with Princess Of China, which also featured a video appearance by Rihanna. Then, for the encore, Martin, and eventually the rest of the band appeared on another smaller stage at the rear of the stadium playing an acoustic version of Us Against The World, which was, for me, one of the musical high points. Although this is a show that has been playing around the world for some time, with the identical set list performed each time, Martin did try to inject some spontaneity into the proceedings. He dedicated Yellow to Christchurch and thanked the many fans who had come from all over the country, particularly the South Island.

At one point they stopped God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and re-started it, apologizing that they had messed it up. I have my doubts. It seemed to sound the same both times, and they have apparently pulled this stunt at previous shows. After performing Fix You as the fourth song of the encores, Martin asked if we wanted one more song…as if there was any stopping him. There were still more fireworks, more lasers and more lights to flicker before we were send off into the night. The many fans in attendance looked like they loved the show. For me, I found the music rather uninspiring…which is the opposite of the effect they were aiming for. Plus, they just seem a bit too eager to please and the special effects showed that they were willing to go to any length to do just that.

There seemed to be a lot of pre-recorded music mixed with the live instruments and I couldn’t help but feel I was being manipulated in some way. I’m sure I was in the minority, and it’s always good to see so many folks enjoying music together. I’m afraid I wasn’t one of them this time.[8]

10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand (photo: Zimbio)

NZ Herald: "You've come through the traffic and the ticket prices and we're so grateful," says Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. "In return we're going to try to play the best f***ing concert of our lives."

The fireworks erupt with the opening strains of Hurts Like Hell, and the show begins. Heart-shaped confetti sprays across the 50,000 people and the gate-issued wristbands flash in unison as Mt Smart is lit up like a supernova. From the stadium-rock grandeur of Paradise to an intimate acoustic encore, Coldplay rarely hit an off note over 100 minutes.

Martin, all pogo and whirling dervish-like, bounces around and falls flat on his back at regular intervals, tossing his guitar high into the air. Draped in the New Zealand flag, he sings of being missionaries in a foreign field, and he undoubtedly converted a few souls to the cause last night. "This is for Pike River, this is for Christchurch. This is called Yellow," he says, before blasting into the old favourite. We don't get many big outdoor concerts these days, more's the pity based on this effort. Coldplay, a guilty pleasure and an international treasure.[9]

Stuff: Coldplay might have made their way into Mt Smart Stadium to the sound of Jay Z's 99 Problems, but it seems the only issue the band has these days is what to let off first: the fireworks or the confetti canons? New Zealand has seen stadium shows before, but nothing like this. Led by Chris Martin, Coldplay turned the home of the Warriors into a magical playground for more than 47,000 fans last night.

And they did it quickly. As Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven - the first song of an almost two-hour show - rang out so did the sound of the fireworks and confetti guns. Oh, and let's not forget the laser light show and the crowd's glowing wristbands which pulsed in time with the music. The stadium looked like some insane version of a twinkling Christmas tree and an exploding snow globe. It was breath-taking. Over the years, Coldplay have become the band it's cool to hate: hyped, overblown and out of touch. With shows this extravagant, there's often a fear the content won't match up to the packaging. And when the packaging is this over the top, it's almost impossible to. But Martin and the band ticked all the boxes.

The crowd were stoked with the big tracks: In My Place, Warning Sign, Princess of China. Yellow was dedicated to "anyone from Pike River or Christchurch", the crowd became a choir bathed in that trademark golden light as Martin sang about the stars only just visible above the stadium lights. Men cuddled for The Scientist, and girlfriends were thrown aloft boyfriends shoulders for Fix You. There was a stomping rock version of Violet Hill, and despite having to restart God Put A Smile Upon Your Face because they "f***ed up the best part of it", it was a speakers-up-to-11 version. Of course there was the usual big show charm, Martin stroking the crowd's ego with a well-placed compliment: "it appears we had to wait 18 months of touring to experience the best crowd". There was also a nod to the realities of being a fan these days: "thank you for making it through the crowds, the ticket prices, we know some of you have even come from the South Island".

Despite all the chatter, it was Viva la Vida that tore the place apart. Not a single person was still sitting by the end of it. And it was a well-placed acoustic encore at the back of the stadium that gave the crowd a moment to gather themselves, before the last push of Every Teardrop is a Waterfall and a final blast of fireworks. Coldplay have been a band for nearly 17 years. It's easy to forget that fact. That is, until you see them do what they do best. This wasn't a whiny, pasty band, all baby-faced and poised to provide a soundtrack to heartbreak. Today, or at least last night, Coldplay were bright, colourful and fun to watch. It's hard to believe, but the hype might be justified.[10]

Fans are fizzing after British rock band Coldplay's concert in Auckland on Saturday night but are calling the Mt Smart venue management not so smart after a crushing exit. One fan calling himself Neil said someone should lose their job over the lack of planning to get the 50,000 concert-goers out at the end. "Gates were closed and a massive number of people were funnelled into the area by Gate C which they took 30 minutes to open. People were getting nervous and edgy as there was nowhere to go. Seriously, it was a nightmare waiting to happen," he wrote in a comment on The New Zealand Herald website. Another fan wrote that Coldplay were world class, unlike the venue. "Mt 'Not So Smart' Stadium management had a cheek trying to herd 50,000 concert goers like animals through narrow exits and poorly lit lanes. Traffic mayhem ensued afterwards. Won't be attending an event there again."

All the gates should have been opened, another fan wrote, to avoid the "scary (potentially fatal) crush as a complete stand empties through an outside corridor barely wide enough for 10 people". No comment was available from Regional Facilities Auckland, the city council body that runs Mt Smart.[11]

Twitter Updates

10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
  • @LWhens: Sound check for Coldplay just started down the road at Mount Smart... nice we bit of study music
  • @TJ_NZ: At work and hearing #coldplay rehearsing for their concert tomorrow night at Mt. Smart
  • ‏@coldplay: Sat's Auckland times: 5.30pm doors; 6.45pm @ThePiercesMusic; 7.30pm @TheTemperTrap; 9pm Coldplay (plus @Jon_Hopkins_ DJing between sets) A
  • @handleshortage: Currently waiting in line at Mt Smart for @coldplay! Only 8 hours to go!
  • @Ant_DC: The organisation at this Coldplay concert at Mt Smart is terrible. Incredibly unsafe, and people who have lined up for ages get run past.
  • @kyle_milner: On my way to Coldplay but leaving after The Pierces open because Coldplay are naff
  • @maddie_chantry: Live Coldplay concert from my balcony! The temper trap just sang sweet disposition :)
  • @pretentioususer: 2 metres from the stage! The Pierces and The Temper Trap were great. Coldplay in 15 minutes.
  • @marksmutterings: Fireworks. Cyclone Confetti. Giant Balloons. Helluva start to the show. #coldplay pic.twitter.com/HUkXFjEx
  • @oxfamontour: Kiwis know how to rock! Auckland is going wild!
  • @cartoonsbyjim: Coldplay songs are drifting in thru my window from their Auckland concert tonight. Helps when you live one suburb away from the stadium.
  • @oxfamontour: Guitar rifts from warning sign ring out through Auckland!
  • @PetaFalzon: The whole crowd got these bracelets that lit up. Looked fucking amazing #Coldplay #Concert #Auckland instagr.am/p/R1_5fCp9_T/
10 November 2012 - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
  • @Kat_Schroeder8: @coldplay your MX concert at Mt.smart stadium in Auckand tonight was AMAZING
  • ‏@EmilySycamore: @coldplay you lads are top notch. Auckland was incredible, amazing, and just fucking epic
  • @GeorgieAotearoa: @coldplay loved the show in Auckland! Amazing #thanks
  • @winefishnz: Awesome #coldplay concert at #mount smart in Auckland. On fire! Cheers guys great night. Kia kaha safe travels pic.twitter.com/HrTLMNcM
  • @RealMejeezy: Fuck what a night that was! Thank you Coldplay for your awesome music! #coldplay @ Mt Smart Stadium instagr.am/p/R2GEeEmfqJ/
  • @josephine_liu: Okay so Coldplay was absolutely totally amazing!!!?!?!!!!! Best. Concert. Ever. @ Mt Smart Stadium instagr.am/p/R2HDKrxOaS/
  • @lauraknight24: 40 mins later and we're STILL not out of the venue #coldplay #mtsmart #auckland
  • @sarahwest31: @coldplay You guys were great in Auckland tonight! Thanks for a great show :)
  • @AbbyFarrow: #coldplay you were amazing but mt smart stadium and Auckland trains you are poorly run and ruined a great nite :(
  • @Scousek1w1: @coldplay performing 'Speed Of Sound' "at the back of the house" at Mt. Smart. :-) pic.twitter.com/5GITRTGT
  • @jpageboy: Amazing show in auckland tonight. Still got a big smile on my face! Thanks @coldplay #bestconcert #paradise
  • @marymonferno: @coldplay in Auckland 2012, you are the best $150 I spent. It was incredible, & I am at a loss of words. #bestconcert #coldplay
  • @Beaabopp: @coldplay thank you thank you thank you for an amazing concert at Mt Smart stadium, I'm still buzzing! #bestconcert #lovecoldplay
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