27 July 2012: Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada

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27 July 2012: Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada



  1. Mylo Xyloto
  2. Hurts Like Heaven
  3. In My Place
  4. Major Minus
  5. Lovers In Japan
  6. The Scientist
  7. Yellow
  8. Violet Hill
  9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  10. Princess Of China
  11. Up In Flames
  12. Warning Sign
  13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  14. Viva La Vida
  15. Charlie Brown
  16. Paradise
  17. Us Against The World
  18. Speed Of Sound
  19. Clocks
  20. Fix You
  21. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


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Fan Reviews

All fan reviews have been submitted to us by the members of Coldplaying.com[1], unless stated otherwise.

27 July 2012: Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada

I remember first falling in love with Coldplay with everyone else, at the release of “Yellow” in 2000. Its music video has an emotionally broken man in a raincoat walk across a beach in the darkness in one continuous shot until the dawn. Somehow, I was transfixed by the impact of the lyrics, scenery, and emotions combined. From then on, I remain a big fan. It was a stroke of luck that my first chance to see Coldplay in my hometown of Montreal was the same night they were filming for their Mylo Xyloto tour 2012 DVD. The show was simply enthralling starting with the first 10 minutes of non-stop action; surprising the packed arena with playful and magical visual elements of constant cascading confetti from above and confetti cannons, bubble-gum balls, laser lights and a psychedelic graffiti-themed stage, amplified by the profusion of neon Coldplay bracelets twinkling on every single audience member which were provided upon entrance to the show and which further transformed the room into a spellbound wonderland of theatrics.

By and large, they proved to be the masters of conquering a vast space. Chris Martin‘s full-blown energy, soothing voice and a list of beautiful hit songs were reciprocated by passionate fans. Chris did not fail to notice. He humbly thanked each and every member for enduring “the traffic and the ticket prices and all the other shit you have to go through for a concert” and to show their gratitude, “we’re going to try to play the greatest fucking show we’ve ever played in our lives.” – Well duh, it was for their DVD. But nonetheless, the fans erupted with flattery. His interaction with the crowd doesn’t end there as he joined the audience, literally running through the aisle to settle on a elevated small stage among shocked and fortunate fans. Their set list of songs includes pretty much the Coldplay classics ranging from “The Scientist,” “Yellow” which Chris dedicated to the Colorado cinema shooting; “Fix you” which I think brought a collective shiver up everyone’s spine; “Speed of Sound“, “Lovers in Japan,” and of course, their newest material including Princess of China featuring Rihanna’s sing-along via a host of screens. [2]

First of all, the second show was WAY better than the first one. The crowd was SO pumped. Wayyy more than thursday. And, we got 2 XYLOBANDS !!! They redid Charlie Brown for the film, plus I found Chris was happier, and he was talking to the fans way more than thursday. The whole show was just better on friday. Thank god they filmed on friday and not on thursday... the crowd was just so much more into it. And Chris said : "we could not pick any better audiance to film a movie" which is not so false, because Montreal has amazing crowds in every concert. Ok, doesn't beat RIO but...! Anyways, I met Coldplay's video director who gave me a nice little something (only 200 of it made) and told me they filmed 4 songs on friday, so I guess Charlie Brown because they redid it.. The rest, I don't know !! [thanks LauCH]

I arrived around noon at the Bell Centre. I looked all around to know where Coldplay could enter or leave the Bell Centre. I think a find the bus of the crew member. Around 2pm, I went back and I saw a crew member who was sitting outside. He was a french canadian. I Asked him if Coldplay was Already in the Bell Centre. He said yes. I ask if I can get a chance to see them before or the after the show. He said that they will leave the Bell Centre in a car. So, there was no way I could meet them. I was bit disappointed. Around 6pm, open the door to us and they give Two xylobands to each of us. I get one white and one blue. I was placed directly next to the stage, where the roadie was working. So, when I saw Coldplay take the stage and when they leave. I saw Miller, Bash, Hoppy, Matt. It was great! When started Back To the Future, everyone stood up. The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone in the Bell Center seemed to really enjoyed the show. The only time many people have sat down was when they play Up in Flames, Warning Sign and Us Against the World. Chris had a problem with guitar during Charlie Brown. It was funny. They had to start again. The Xylobands was really impressive! I sang, I danced. It was like a big party with 18,000 persons. At the end, Chris kissed the floor and said that they were right to film the concert in Montreal. It was an amazing night! [ thanks vanessarrent]

Media Reviews

Twitter Updates

27 July 2012: Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada
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  • @jl_goodman 8th row from stage with @LouMonster2012 #coldplay #montreal http://instagr.am/p/NmkDLZyrp8/
  • @jl_goodman I can't believe how close we are to the stage!!!!! #Coldplay #Montreal @LouMonster2012
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  • @KatieChantal At the Montreal Coldplay concert tonight :) been waiting for this for years :D !!!!! #coldplayfilm
  • @LouMonster2012 #Coldplay 8th row at Montreal show! @jl_goodman
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  • ‏@AngieRod Just minutes for #coldplay #montreal. Now: Marina and the Diamonds http://ow.ly/i/NWmK
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  • @TheSharonHyland Feeling very lucky to be at #Coldplay show in #Montreal! #MarinaandtheDiamonds were cool too!
  • ‏@mireille91 At the coldplay concert in Montreal anxiously awaiting them to start! #coldplay
  • @stevemer Getting ready for "one of the greatest shows #Montreal has ever seen". @Coldplay. Can't wait. #coldplayfilm #coldplayconcertMTL.
  • @LucieInTheSky13 Coldplay coming on soon, so excited!!!! #coldplay #coldplayfilm #Montreal #bellcenter
  • @cat_montreal Ready for the greatest show of the decade in Montreal!!!! #coldplay
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  • @virginie_fc I want to live in Coldplay Land : ) #Coldplay #amazing show in Montreal.
  • @StephOuimet #Coldplay, Bell Center. Montreal is paradise tonight.
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  • ‏@CousinVinnyMTL #ChrisMartin is in the crowd! Crazy! #Montreal #ColdPlay @925thebeatmtl http://pic.twitter.com/9mQ2rZvd
  • @MarilynSantucci Right in front of me!!! @coldplay #montreal http://pic.twitter.com/nMSG6rry
  • @Marcey_H Clocks #coldplayfilm #coldplay #summer #montreal #2012 @ Centre Bell http://instagr.am/p/Nm6TuNHtNk/
  • @RonKMyers #Olympics opening ceremonies be damned - @Coldplay put on the best show anywhere today in #Montreal, #Canada
  • ‏@i0livier Viva la Vida #coldplay #montreal #coldplaymtl2 @ Centre Bell http://instagr.am/p/Nm7IBATCak/
  • ‏@camillelafortun #coldplay in montreal, sickest show i've ever seen in my short life, wow.
  • @Jar_Fie @coldplay jst strted song over again cause they're filmng movie in #Montreal! http://instagr.am/p/Nm3lT4G_SO/”
  • @ReenaKudhail Blown away once again @Coldplay! Thank you for an amazing performance! #ColdplayMtl #montreal
  • @vitoNATION @coldplay class f**king act. #montreal.
  • @IsabellaTassxo Amazing show @coldplay #coldplayfilm #Montreal
  • ‏@AdlamSarah @coldplay Awesome show in Montreal
  • @DJUBS Fantastic show <3 #coldplay #montreal cc @coldplay
  • @veggiemanJ Another more than fantastic night at Coldplay #montreal #bellcentre #coldplay http://instagr.am/p/Nm-A4LRt6D/
  • @JMorrison007 #Coldplay in Montreal totally rocked it!
  • @andrewcpopp Great @coldplay concert in Montreal. Looking forward to seeing it again on DVD. #coldplayfilm http://pic.twitter.com/rnaFZVS3
  • @alex_fazzina Thank you #Coldplay for filing your concert in #Montreal just made it that much more powerful cant wait for the DVD
  • @natalianna_@coldplay one of the best concerts I've ever been to!! #coldplayfilm #montreal #coldplay
  • @mnko237 COLDPLAY IN MONTREAL WAS AMAZIN http://instagr.am/p/NnAnSpAIW-/
  • @Alexaaaaae @coldplay Montreal love youuuuuu <3#bestshow#coldplayfilm http://pic.twitter.com/64an3WGr
  • ‏@laurenfitchy @coldplay, I was at the Montreal show tonight at it was THE BEST THING EVER!!!! You're my favorite band for a reason, LOVE YOU ALL
  • @kool_kitkat @coldplay amazing show in montreal tonight #coldplayfilm http://pic.twitter.com/bpCl5twD
  • @Melissa4774 Amazing show tonight #coldplay #montreal http://pic.twitter.com/jskfAbKx
  • @Marcey_H Best Coldplay concert EVER! #coldplayfilm #coldplay #summer #montreal #2012 http://instagr.am/p/NnDxnCHtEh/
  • @aj12343 @coldplay the second show in montreal was incredible !!! Best show of the year !! http://pic.twitter.com/Kc1Hr6LN
  • @torikeisha @coldplay You guys were absolutely amazing most mind blowing concert ever!!<3 I love you guys please come back to Montreal soon! <3
  • @EscapistMusic Im back from the second @coldplay show in #Montreal once again,I had a wonderful night,and it was truly amazing. #SeeingColdplaytwicein2days
  • @XoNELxO Another amazing show! #coldplayfilm #coldplay #Montreal http://pic.twitter.com/lzZf4JF4
  • @brooksiegirl best concert ever! @coldplay :) #amazing #Montreal
  • @EscapistMusic And I'm proud that tonight's @coldplay show in #Montreal was filmed. I am proud to be part of this #coldplayfilm #TheEscapist
  • @xAmeliiiie I just wanna thanks @coldplay for being this amazing, thank you guys for the show at Montreal, and thank you for being in our world.:)xx
  • @TheNynyWorld Coldplay!! Best show ever!!!
  • @mike_batty89 Wow #Coldplay was amazing!!! Best show ive seen in a long time. Proud to also be part of the #ColdplayFilm #Montreal
  • @oxfamontour "Sing up, Montreal!" After all, we're making a Coldplay film ce soir http://instagr.am/p/NnH6OvAkJ_/
  • @oxfamontour Walking back through a sultry hot Montreal - every second person is wearing a Coldplay t-shirt & singing Paradise #Coldplaycity
  • @m_brouillard #coldplayfilm #coldplay it was an amazing show tonight ! Thanks to choose Montreal for your movie !
  • @SieangQuach @coldplay thank u for the great show in Montreal
  • @LabellElisabeth @coldplay LIVE in Montreal: I can now die in peace
  • @QueeniePatra @coldplay Wow what a show! Thank you!!!!! Montreal loves Coldplay :)
  • ‏@JuGscn @Coldplay in #Montreal! Amazing show!!!!!! #coldplayfilm @ Centre Bell http://instagr.am/p/NnP1mQN3H-/
  • @91Leblanc Coldplay in Montreal. Great show! http://pic.twitter.com/rW8tD8qR
  • @elazaizi On the road to #quebec back from #montreal.I enjoyed my best concert ever thank you #coldplay it was unique @coldplay
  • @smori7 Coldplay's concert in Montreal was one of the best I ever seen ! #coldplayfilm #montreal
  • @smori7 @coldplay Tonight show in Montreal was absolutely amazing !!!! It was 3rd Colplay concert and it was breath taking ! Congrats !
  • @panzy_406 @coldplay was at the Montreal concert it was breath taking magical/eye buzzing concert on my top 5 concerts of all times!
  • @coldplay 3 amazing things in 1 day. The Olympic opening ceremony. Our Montreal audience.The new trade towers in NYC at night. CM http://pic.twitter.com/qefixXk9
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