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'So Sad' is a track from Coldplay's first gig on Friday 16th January 1998. Then called Starfish, Coldplay played in front of 115 people and the setlist was as follows:

  1. If All Else
  2. So Sad
  3. Panic
  4. Vitamins
  5. High Speed
  6. Ode To Deodorant

The Oracle on So Sad

November 16, 2011 - submitted by patty, United States of America
Q. Hi Oracle, I wanted to know what song Coldplay sings from this video that's posted on the timeline. I believe it's their first gig when they were formerly known as Starfish ? I know that Ode to Deodorant is the last song played but I would really really like to know what the first one is called? Some of the lyrics go like "There goes another day. My friends are telling me that I will be okay. I'm gonna be okay". I would really appreciate it if you told me what song it was because I love it! Even though I only heard like 5 seconds of it. Thanks so much! Have a nice day wherever you are!
The Oracle replies:
It's So Sad. Looking at the set list from that gig, I don't recognize the first title at all - I don't think I have ever heard it. The others I have in their demo form - hopefully safe in a box in a loft somewhere...

April 11, 2011 - submitted by Kevin, United States of America
Q. How long were So Sad, Vitamins, and If All Else in the setlist. Did they ever make it live in the new millennium? I apologize if you have already answered this question.
The Oracle replies:
To be honest, not long at all. None of those songs lasted long enough to see it into the new millennium either. They didn't even make it to 1999 as far as I remember.

October 1, 2010 - submitted by Jack, United States of America
Q. How did you hear So Sad and Vitamins? Did you hear them on a demo tape, did Coldplay play them for you, or did you just hear them way back when they actually played the songs at gigs? When was the last time you even heard them play those songs?
The Oracle replies:
I have those songs on a cassette given to me, but not by the band. 'Ooh how cryptic' I hear you say and before you ask, they are stored away safely and are not in my current reaching distance; the last time I listened to the tape was so many years ago now.
I have a strong feeling that my memory serves me correctly; I did not hear either of those songs played live.

May 25, 2010 - submitted by Jay, United States of America
Q. Are you aware of the So Sad petition that's been going on since 2006? No dice huh? Have you heard the song?
The Oracle replies:
Yes I am aware of the petition and yes, I have heard the song. For those that don't know So Sad was a very early Coldplay song that was played live back in 1998. They did record it roughly - before the Safety E.P's release - but it was never available in the public domain apart from snippets of a live version. There is at least one cassette with a studio recording of the song on it but it won't be released.

Roadie #42 on So Sad

Warming up for Kimmel. Will is actually playing "So Sad" from the Starfish days. Amazing! R42

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